How to overcome Codependency with Roslyn Saunders

Codependency is the condition of lost self. Codependency is present in normalised unhealthy behaviours and underpins all other addictions. This includes addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol, as well as lifestyle addictions such as food, sex, work, drama, sickness, social media, shopping, gambling, exercise and relationships. These dependencies are all symptoms of unresolved codependency. Codependency becomes our identity and our focus, and like a person living in addiction to alcohol or drugs, it consumes our whole life.

How to Overcome Addiction with Root Cause Therapy

Addiction isn’t a disease, it’s the symptom of a sick society. People struggling with addiction have experienced a level of trauma that they were not given the skills to deal with alone. Mainstream treatment solutions are failing us and they focus too much on the symptoms. In order to heal and recover from addiction, one must address the underlying issues and root cause of the addiction.

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