How to Overcome Addiction with Root Cause Therapy

Addiction isn’t a disease, it’s the symptom of a sick society. People struggling with addiction have experienced a level of trauma that they were not given the skills to deal with alone. Mainstream treatment solutions are failing us and they focus too much on the symptoms. In order to heal and recover from addiction, one must address the underlying issues and root cause of the addiction.

The root cause of any addiction is very simple when you begin to understand it. When we are children, we don’t always have our needs met by our parents. It’s important to recognise that our parents and their parents, also didn’t have their needs met. Generational trauma is widespread and the accumulation of dysregulation in our nervous system, builds up over time. The only way for someone to cope in this extremely dysregulated state, if they haven’t been shown how, is to self-medicate, whichever way they can. For some people, this is alcohol, drugs, gambling, relationships, shopping, computer games, nicotine, and more.

Eventually, this strategy comes undone, and a person who self-medicates reaches rock bottom. If we can begin to process this accumulated trauma and release it from our nervous systems, combined with acquiring skills to truly meet our own emotional needs. Then, can we finally recover from addiction and its cruel grip over us.

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