Inner Help: Treating the root cause of addiction

At Inner Help, our approach to supporting your recovery from addiction and codependency draws on deep lived experience, Root Cause Therapy, and practical resources that can be implemented at any stage of your recovery journey.

Instead of treating symptoms, we treat the root cause underlying the symptoms you are experiencing. We do this by walking alongside you using the Root Cause Therapy process of discovery, past healing, future healing, and integration.

This is complemented by a process of learning healthier ways to manage emotions and by gaining new understanding and appreciation of the trauma and experiences that have underpinned addictive and codependent behaviours.


Understand past and present symptoms.

Past Healing

Revisit past experiences safely. Identify where needs have not been met and gain new understanding.

Future Healing

Cast forward into your future. Identify your purpose and the steps to fulfil it.


Process and integrate the healing journey with support and resources.


While there are many pathways to recover from addiction and codependency, the approach taken at Inner Help offers the benefit of lived experience at its heart.

If you are struggling with addiction, know that we have walked in your shoes and have a deep appreciation of all that living in addiction and codependency entails. Importantly, we understand recovery too.

Our ethos is based on helping you to identify and address what lies underneath addictive behaviours, allowing you to release them, heal, and experience a new, enriching life. Extreme care and sensitivity are a given.

The approach taken at Inner Help is suited to people who:

Have tried many other routes to recovery, but haven’t found one that has worked long term.
Are ready to face, with support, the underlying subconscious patterns that are the root cause of addictive behaviours.
Understand the value of a practitioner’s lived experience in navigating their own recovery journey.
Want to believe there is a life beyond addiction and would like to know someone is walking alongside them.

You are not alone. We provide the support, education, and resources to help you navigate the river of change to shift from living unconsciously in addiction to living in awareness.

Ready to start your journey?


If we experience trauma as children or adults, or fail to have our needs met, the subconscious mind becomes imprinted with negative thoughts and limiting self beliefs.

These experiences become a powerful driving force in adult life, such that we operate on a subconscious autopilot. Unknowingly, every situation, relationship, and decision as an adult, bares the unconscious negative patterns of our childhood.

Negative patterns play out in the form of different strategies, with the ultimate goal of meeting our emotional needs as human beings. The problem, however, is these strategies will ultimately fail and lead us down the path to addiction.

While living with addiction, you are controlled and constantly focused on whatever it is that will provide temporary relief. Ultimately, however, the relief never lasts and the void we try to fill remains empty if we continue to look outside ourselves for solutions.

Receive understanding support for addiction recovery.

We understand facing and addressing unconscious beliefs can be difficult, however, at Inner Help, we want you to know you are not alone through this process.

Our objective is for you to feel supported as you gain understanding and build the strength to start taking steps into your future. You will never be pushed to go faster than is comfortable for you. Nor will you be forced to relive a traumatic experience unless you are ready and give permission.

Move beyond the ‘Addict’ label.

People living in addiction typically experience low self-worth, which is often exacerbated by the people, places, and things around them.

Through our lived experience, at Inner Help we understand how damaging the label ‘addict’ is. Our goal then is to help you to gain a new and deeper sense of your worth. We also teach you how to hold this, even when situations with the potential to draw you back into addictive behaviours arise.

Whether it’s ‘addiction to people’ otherwise known as ‘codependency‘, substances (alcohol and drugs), and or behaviour (gambling, internet, sex, shopping, technology), our approach will strengthen you to move beyond the ‘addict’ label to a healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself.


Personalised Program

We personalise the program to suit your individual needs and circumstances. We explore one’s individual underlying root causes as no one addiction treatment should be standard or treated the same as every other addiction. We all have unique traumas and reasons why we’re not coping.

Family Support

We believe improving and rebuilding the connections with the relevant relationships around us contributes to the long-term success of an individuals treatment. We offer support calls to family members or loved ones involved in one’s treatment journey. Connection is a two-way street!

Learn Proven Methods

We take our similar lived experiences and apply as well as teach you strategies and methods we have successfully used on ourselves and others for treatment. We don’t use traditional or the ‘standard’ failed methods to treat addiction. Addiction treatment is a LIFETIME INVESTMENT!

Root Cause Therapy

We use alternative methods, where we work on finding the underlying causes of addiction rather than just treating the symptoms like you would traditionally. We don’t believe in just stopping or going ‘cold turkey’. There is a deeper root cause that we need to recognise in order to treat addiction.

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