Are you ready to access the support you need to recover from addiction?

Addiction is anything we can’t stop doing, despite the negative consequences.

We may even wish to give it up, but feel we’re unable to. In this way, addiction can be confusing, however, when you understand how addictive behaviours present, it becomes easier to commence the process of recovery and healing.


Typically addiction is a strategy that is adopted as a way to meet unmet needs.

Addiction can present in many forms, including drugs (prescription or illicit), alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, and relationships codependency.

Because addiction is so cunning, it can appear in the guise of socialised norms, such as:

Going to the gym (over exercising).
Working excessively (work addiction).
Doing for other people (over giving to the point of resentment).
Using technology (spending excessive time in front of screens).


At Inner Help, we understand addiction is identifiable in three clear markers:

1. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop the behaviour.

2. The source of relief (people, places, things) to meet an internal need is outside of yourself.

3. The behaviour is harmful to you.

If you recognise these elements in your own experience, now could be the time to connect with us at Inner Help for an initial 20-minute confidential call.

Take the first step today.


The pain of unmet needs, trauma, and being unable to manage the associated emotions are drivers of addiction. What may start in childhood as a fondness for sweet foods (sugar) that provide immediate relief can move upward along a curve to other dependencies to meet the growing addictive need.

Gambling – Increasing appetite for risk.
Sex – Increasingly riskier situations.
Technology – Increasing amount of time spent using.

All addictions hook us in mentally, emotionally, and physically. They also find us steeped in a social and/or family circle that supports the addiction. A significant part of recovery is recognising and accepting that life beyond addiction is difficult unless you step away from the environment in which the addiction thrives, because this is where the triggers lie.

Moving beyond addiction.

Making initial changes that lead to life beyond addiction can be difficult. You may even feel frightened about the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It is this intersection between the past and future where Inner Help can support recovery and healing.

We understand the familiarity of addiction can prevent us from taking steps to recovery. That’s why we walk alongside you, providing support in the form of:

Root Cause Therapy
Practical resources, such as meditation, self-love practices.
Education that helps you understand you better.

Inner Help: Our approach to addiction recovery

When we are living in addiction, we may feel addiction is a life sentence and there is no way out. At Inner Help, we want you to know these ideas are not part of our ethos. Instead, our philosophy and approach to addiction recovery is grounded in key principles.

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Addiction is not a disease you were born with, although it is a state of disease.
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While addiction may be generational, it is a function of learned behaviours and unconscious programming received during the formative years between birth and seven.
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Addiction is symptomatic of unmet needs from childhood and trauma experiences. Address the root cause and addictive behaviours can be released.
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Just saying ‘I’ll stop the addiction’ doesn’t work. Personal responsibility, a recovery program, support, and resources are key.
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We do not use the label addict or subscribe to the position that ‘once an addict, always an addict.’
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It is possible to recover from addiction without attending rehab, however you must have the right resources in place to support recovery.

Meet Adam Ducquet, your Root Cause Therapy practitioner

Adam Ducquet is the founder of Inner Help and is a qualified Root Cause Therapy (RCT) practitioner who brings significant lived experience of trauma, addiction, and recovery to support clients living in addiction to walk the road to recovery with humility, posture, and grace.

Combining the proven effectiveness of RCT with a suite of practical resources that support his own recovery, Adam is real and relatable. He works from the premise that if he can survive addiction, his clients can too – with support, education, and a commitment to themselves.


Personalised Program

We personalise the program to suit your individual needs and circumstances. We explore one’s individual underlying root causes as no one addiction treatment should be standard or treated the same as every other addiction. We all have unique traumas and reasons why we’re not coping.

Family Support

We believe improving and rebuilding the connections with the relevant relationships around us contributes to the long-term success of an individuals treatment. We offer support calls to family members or loved ones involved in one’s treatment journey. Connection is a two-way street!

Learn Proven Methods

We take our similar lived experiences and apply as well as teach you strategies and methods we have successfully used on ourselves and others for treatment. We don’t use traditional or the ‘standard’ failed methods to treat addiction. Addiction treatment is a LIFETIME INVESTMENT!

Root Cause Therapy

We use alternative methods, where we work on finding the underlying causes of addiction rather than just treating the symptoms like you would traditionally. We don’t believe in just stopping or going ‘cold turkey’. There is a deeper root cause that we need to recognise in order to treat addiction.

Ready to start your journey to recovery?



I found Adam at a point in life I have exhausted all the options of breaking an addiction to Ice well over a decade. At this stage I have suffered innumerable losses in life including losing my marriage and close contact with my kids.


I felt a deep connection and trust in Adam’s introductory contents and I sent an inquiry to get in touch. Response was swift with appointment confirmation received within minutes. Just by making that first step, I felt an instant relief which is rather subordinate to the trust that he instilled in me when we first connected over a phone call. I simply did not believe that deep seeded addiction such as this could be cured at all, despite having to cure it within 4 weeks. Assurance that Adam gave me was convincing and heartfelt. From that point things began to shift as we started to gain momentum in mutual understanding and trust in the healing process. I found Adam to be always available, eazy to connect, caring, and extremely trustworthy. I felt like I found a brother who I can do life with. He understood the nuts and bolts of the cycle of addiction. Relatability came easy for him.


The First 2 main sessions set the foundation where he understood my emotional blueprint for which he catered and devised remediation plans towards healing. I relapsed a few times during this period and the compassion and understanding that Adam showed set new standards for human connections and empathy. The real hunger in Adam to heal addiction stem from his own past and the power of that intent in itself was working the magic with all that he offered.


He introduced many ways to cope, break out and integrate. There were many options. I’ve chosen one that gave me an elevated perception through which not only it completely healed my addiction but also gave me a pathway to experience life in a new light. Light that fueled deeper connection with my partner, my two children, colleagues from work, social and spiritual spheres of life. Two months after I took the first step, here I stand empowered, clean and unsullied by any cravings. I chose to write this review as I felt the task was a necessity not an option as it is my wish and hope that message gets out that, “There Is Hope” for anyone who’s suffering from an addiction and I would entrust Adam with his methods.

I contacted Adam because my life had derailed, and I felt trapped by my own negative behaviours and addictions. The addictions had caused so much heartache for all who surrounded me and broken down so many relationships.

Through my work with Adam I was able to identify the root causes of my behaviours and within a couple of sessions began to feel like an emotional weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Adam supported me and my family to understand the causes of behaviours and it saved my closest relationships.

I now understand more about myself and how to understand and deal with my emotions. Thank you, Adam. You have given me my second chance in life, and I now feel healthier and happier.

When I first contacted Adam, my life was spiralling out of control. Adam helped me understand the Root Cause of my addiction and we together identified the emotions I didn’t know how to feel, my entire life.

My relationship with friends and family were at breaking point and by the 2nd week of the program, I was able to start feeling emotions I was terrified to feel before, I realised how easy it was to begin to live a healthy life. I began to repair relationships and understand how I had arrived where I was at in life.

I can honestly say, my life is worth living again and I owe it all to Adam, for helping me to see what I needed to learn.

Thank you Adam and Inner Help for all that you have given me through the 4 week program I did recently. I was drinking everyday and couldn’t stop, my wife was ready to leave me and my future looked hopeless.

You helped me understand my trauma from childhood and how it impacted my adult life. Once I learned how to manage my emotions, I began to drop my fears and to take my life back.

I would recommend this program to anyone with an addiction who needs help.

Adam is an incredibly genuine and caring human being. He listens with an open heart and mind and has the ability to reflect back pearls of wisdom that have guided me to finding answers within myself.

After every session I have had with Adam, he has checked in on me and gone above & beyond to ensure my emotional well-being. He has generously offered me resources for my integration process and has been transparent with me about stories from his journey that might give me insight within my own.

From all the therapists I’ve seen, Adam has been by far the most attentive I’ve experienced. It is clear that he is passionate and devoted to helping people and I feel incredibly grateful to have found him as a reliable and relatable ally on my healing and personal development journey.

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