Conquering Dependency Online Course

A Step-by-Step Guide to Faster Recovery

In this self-paced online course gain powerful insights, acquire practical tools, and receive professional guidance from an Australian Leading Alcohol & Substance Abuse Expert. Conquer addiction faster and learn the fundamental skills needed to help you achieve an addiction-free future!

Unmasking Dependency

Exploring The Root Causes for Recovery

Proven Methods

Self Paced

Learn From
Top Expert

An Interactive Learning Journey

We will explore the underlying root causes that are contributing to the cycle of Dependency, we will provide you with essential theory and the practical tools and resources needed for a longer lasting recovery!

This comprehensive online bootcamp consists of 19 videos that are knowledge-packed with proven techniques which will enable individuals to regain control of their lives!

What’s In Our Dependency Masterclass

What You Will Learn?

Each module immerses students in real-life examples and interactive exercises. We will cover key topics such as codependency, trauma, emotional regulation, reparenting, managing relapses and much more!

By the course’s end, students will possess a profound understanding of how alcohol & substance dependency and root cause issues such as trauma are all connected! And more importantly how we can break the cycle of alcohol & substance dependency!

Embrace a Life Beyond Trauma

Let’s End the Stigma and Heal Generational Trauma

Learn how to heal our inner child or our past self from trauma and re-learn Emotional Regulation through Reparenting. Coping with mental health diagnoses and rewiring our brain to separate ‘identity’ from a ‘label’.

Discover how stigma and spreading misinformation correlates with low self worth, guilt and shame causing the vicious cycle of relapse and dependency, and what we can do to heal and seek out/receive the right support.

What exactly is Codependency and Generational Trauma? And how does it impact Relationships and Families living with Dependency. When to break up with a connection that doesn’t serve our mental wellbeing.

Modules and Topics

Course Overview

Course Duration



Pre-Recorded Lessons &
Guided Exercises


19 vidoes


English, English CC

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