For Those Who Are Trapped in the Clutches of Addiction…

FINALLY REVEALED: The Little-Known Secret to Overcoming Addiction

A Very Important Message to All Who Want to Break the Addiction and Relapse Cycle and Finally Reclaim Their Lives…

Discover How I Overcame My 20 Years of Addiction and Reclaimed My Life Through This Little-Known Self-Healing Method in this Special Report.

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Dear Friend,

Have you tried everything, and nothing has worked so far to break this addictive cycle?

You’re not alone, and there is hope.

That’s why, in this short report, I’ll share with you how I bounced back from years of addiction and discovered a little-known self-healing method that helped eliminate my addiction.

That’s why, in this short report, I’ll share with you how I bounced back from years of addiction and discovered a little-known self-healing method that helped eliminate my addiction.

Just Like You, I Struggled with Addiction. I Was Stuck in Addiction for Over 20 Years On and Off. I Would Use Drugs and Alcohol to Escape How I Was Feeling.

When I would have a little fight with my partner or life got difficult, I would immediately relapse and use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope.

Even when I thought I had my addiction under control, I would still almost every day rely on alcohol to calm me down at the end of the day.

Not only that, but my social life took a nosedive.

I didn’t know how to socialize anymore without the use of drugs or alcohol.

I eventually cut myself off from the world and hid away in shame and regret.

I was all over the place.

I needed to learn how to be healthy and finally overcome my addiction, or else my life would turn from bad to worse.

But it’s not going to be easy.

My addiction had been in my life since I was young.

I’ve become addicted to sugar, television, computer games, smoking, drinking and drugs.

All to distract myself from how I was feeling.

Because of this, anxiety and depression were my constant companions in my life. I didn’t know how to shake myself out of it.

I’ve tried joining fellowship programs that help people recover from their addiction. Still, I never got the results I was expecting.

It Wasn’t Until I Learnt that Addiction Isn’t a Disease, But a State of Dis-Ease

I was always craving an aversion to the negative emotions I was feeling.

I began working with an alternative therapist who had overcome addiction themself.

They had a totally different outlook and perspective on addiction.

At first, I was doubtful.

But they helped me realise that addiction wasn’t a disease. It was a coping mechanism.

These coping mechanisms were just solutions I had learned at a young age to cope with my uncomfortable feelings.

I began learning more and more about how anxiety is the alarm bells of the nervous system going off.

It was the body telling me that there were all of these negative emotions wanting to be felt.

The problem was I didn’t know how to feel those negative emotions safely.

I thought if I felt those negative emotions, they would never go away.

Boy, was I wrong!

It Turns Out That You Have to FEEL EMOTIONS In Order to Heal Addictions — In Other Words, Process Them

Just like food, we need to digest it to leave the body.

When it comes to addiction, we need to process it for it to disappear.

I was mind-blown when I realised this.

So, I began quickly catching on to this new concept.

I soon started processing and healing from my negative emotions.

I learned that negative emotions are unresolved trauma.

So, to break free from addiction, we must heal our unresolved trauma.

When I discovered this, it hit me.

I had these unresolved traumas when I was still a kid.

I’ve lost two of my brothers in a horrific car accident.

Combined with generational trauma and two previous failed marriages, you have a recipe for an addiction cycle and substance abuse.

For years, I had been suppressing my feelings and escaping every time they popped their head up.

I was a pressure cooker of emotions, constantly needing to go to my addiction for a sense of relief.

After Overcoming My Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs,
I Felt Free Again.

I felt like my emotional body and nervous system had been regulated.

It reached the point where I didn’t feel anxiety or depression anymore.

I no longer needed to escape how I was feeling. I had mastered the art of self-regulation. 

By this stage, I knew that 99.99% of people with addiction were being misled and misguided by the mainstream approach to addiction.

Not to mention that most people stigmatize people with addiction and the term “addict.”

I knew I had to do something about this.

So, I decided to enrol and become a therapist, specialising in addiction treatment.

I want to help people overcome addictions and finally reclaim their lives.

That is when I launched

I quickly became inundated with new clients who were desperate for an alternative approach to solving their addictions.

I have now helped more than 250 people with various addictions and have received dozens of testimonials and positive feedback.

However, since I can only help a limited number of people in a given time, I decided to create the Inner Help Addiction Course.

I want to help as many people as I can with my expertise as a therapist in the comfort of their own homes.

Introducing Inner Help Addiction Course—A Course That Will Teach You How to Self-Heal from Negative Emotions and Overcome Addiction from the Inside

This course is designed to overcome addiction through self-healing from negative emotions.

You’ll discover how to break the relapse cycle and start living your life like a new person.

Through this course, you will discover:

The True Nature of Addiction

You will gain a profound understanding of what addiction really is. I’ll help you identify the root causes of your addiction, shedding light on the why and how behind your struggles. You’ll also discover that addiction is a response to a dysregulated nervous system, as well as the inability to experience negative emotions

Self-Identity and Emotional Healing

Addiction can erode your self-identity and leave you with unhealed emotional wounds. You will learn how to process negative emotions, self-regulate your nervous system, and regain control over your self-identity.

Breaking the Cycle

This course will teach you how to avoid addiction relapse. You’ll gain the tools and knowledge to build a healthier, more sustainable life.

Meet Adam Ducquet

Who faced the tragic loss of two brothers at a young age – his older brother to suicide and his younger brother in a car accident.

This comprehensive online bootcamp consists of 19 videos that are knowledge-packed with proven techniques which will enable individuals to regain control of their lives!

The cycle of dependency, combined with generational trauma and two previous failed marriages, prolonged his struggles well into his later adult life.

Motivated by his determination to break the cycle and provide a different path for his four children, and with the support of his fiancée, Adam embarked on a transformative journey towards recovery.

Today, Adam is a Leading Alcohol and substance Dependency Expert and qualified Root Cause Therapy Practitioner. 

Drawing from his lived experiences, he provides genuine and meaningful support to clients. 

Adam aims to de-stigmatise the label ‘Addict’ by reaching out to as many individuals as possible who are struggling with dependency.

Adam previously charged $6,600 for a 12-week course. But then, he understands the importance of making this transformation accessible to as many people as possible. 

What’s Inside the Inner Help Addiction Course?

This course is for anyone who has battled addiction and struggled to break the cycle. 

Whether it’s reliance on alcohol, dangerous drugs, gambling, or any other behaviour, we’re here to help. 

If you’re determined to overcome addiction, this course is your lifeline.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course.

Modules and Topics

Course Overview

Course Duration



Pre-Recorded Lessons &
Guided Exercises


19 vidoes


English, English CC


Let’s End the Stigma and Heal Generational Trauma

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Honest Review

I found Adam at a point in life I have exhausted all the options of breaking an addiction to Ice well over a decade. At this stage I have suffered innumerable losses in life including losing my marriage and close contact with my kids. 

I felt a deep connection and trust in Adam’s introductory contents and I sent an inquiry to get in touch. Response was swift with appointment confirmation received within minutes. Just by making that first step, I felt an instant relief which is rather subordinate to the trust that he instilled in me when we first connected over a phone call. I simply did not believe that deep seeded addiction such as this could be cured at all, despite having to cure it within 4 weeks. Assurance that Adam gave me was convincing and heartfelt. From that point things began to shift as we started to gain momentum in mutual understanding and trust in the healing process. I found Adam to be always available, eazy to connect, caring, and extremely trustworthy. I felt like I found a brother who I can do life with. He understood the nuts and bolts of the cycle of addiction. Relatability came easy for him. 

The First 2 main sessions set the foundation where he understood my emotional blueprint for which he catered and devised remediation plans towards healing. I relapsed a few times during this period and the compassion and understanding that Adam showed set new standards for human connections and empathy. The real hunger in Adam to heal addiction stem from his own past and the power of that intent in itself was working the magic with all that he offered. 

He introduced many ways to cope, break out and integrate. There were many options. I’ve chosen one that gave me an elevated perception through which not only it completely healed my addiction but also gave me a pathway to experience life in a new light. Light that fueled deeper connection with my partner, my two children, colleagues from work, social and spiritual spheres of life. Two months after I took the first step, here I stand empowered, clean and unsullied by any cravings. I chose to write this review as I felt the task was a necessity not an option as it is my wish and hope that message gets out that, “There Is Hope” for anyone who’s suffering from an addiction and I would entrust Adam with his methods.
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My Iron-Clad Guarantee

I want you to take a leap of faith with the Inner Help Addiction Course. That’s why I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re dissatisfied with your progress within a week, we’ll refund your investment. Your journey towards recovery and personal transformation is risk-free.

Who Is This For?

This course is for anyone who has an addiction and has tried and failed so far to break the cycle.

Whether they are relying on alcohol, dangerous drugs, gambling, or sex as a coping mechanism, this course will help them overcome those.

What People Are Saying

I contacted Adam because my life had derailed, and I felt trapped by my own negative behaviours and addictions. The addictions had caused so much heartache for all who surrounded me and broken down so many relationships.

Through my work with Adam I was able to identify the root causes of my behaviours and within a couple of sessions began to feel like an emotional weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Adam supported me and my family to understand the causes of behaviours and it saved my closest relationships.

I now understand more about myself and how to understand and deal with my emotions. 

Thank you, Adam. You have given me my second chance in life, and I now feel healthier and happier.

When I first contacted Adam, my life was spiralling out of control. Adam helped me understand the Root Cause of my addiction and we together identified the emotions I didn’t know how to feel, my entire life.

My relationship with friends and family were at breaking point and by the 2nd week of the program, I was able to start feeling emotions I was terrified to feel before, I realised how easy it was to begin to live a healthy life. I began to repair relationships and understand how I had arrived where I was at in life.

I can honestly say, my life is worth living again and I owe it all to Adam, for helping me to see what I needed to learn.

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