Did you know that 1 in 5 people will experience depression in their lifetime?

With over 300 million people worldwide suffering from it…

Depression has become the most common
mental health challenge for young individuals
aged 12 to 25.


These statistics clear indicate that current approach to treating depression is not effective!

As the Founder of Inner Help, I firmly believe that society rather than biological predispositions or chemical imbalances, is the leading cause of depression.

By society, I primarily refer to the family and cultural dynamics in which we grow up and develop.

When we are in a state of depression our brain naturally produces fewer of the chemical associated with happiness.


It is true that our lifestyle choices, including proper diet, sleep, and exercise, can affect the production of these brain chemicals.

Additionally, certain addictions or unhealthy behaviours can lead to negative consequences and a decrease in these chemicals.

Note that overworking can also be considered an addiction.

However, an unhealthy lifestyle encompasses more than just physical habits – it also includes that people and environments we surround ourselves with.


For example, toxic relationships generate negative emotions on a regular basis.

This can lead to having anxiety or conflict and if left unaddressed, a sense of hopelessness, feeling as though change is impossible.

When we experience loss, such as the death of a loved one or a breakup, we often encounter the negative emotion of grief.

If we don’t properly process and fully experience that grief, we carry it with us into the future as emotional baggage, which can manifest as a persistent dark cloud, commonly known as depression.


At Inner Help, we intimately understand depression because we have personally experienced and overcome it.

We are here to help you identify the root cause of your depression and guide you in taking action.

Why continue living in a state of unhappiness when you can begin moving forward by looking a session with us?

Take the first step towards recovery today.

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